Mr. McLean Man Director / Founder

Mr. McLean Man has over ten years of high-end hotel, club design experience, building Sheng led the design team at the forefront of the hotel, clubhouse design industry, with its vision and uncompromising design philosophy, the development of guidelines for the building Sheng. He always believed that only architecture and interior, the perfect combination of function and design to create the perfect effect of design work. Therefore, every contact with a new design project, Mr. McLean Man adhere to lead the team to work together with architects to achieve optimal design. Meanwhile, Mr. McLean Man believes the perfect design is inseparable from the high-quality construction and attention to detail. So he began to participate in the design of the project from the beginning, and insisted full participation, attention to every detail, and its wealth of experience many problems can be solved. Mr. McLean has maintained with the cooperation of Man hotel, club owners and professional consultants good communication and coordination, to fully understand their needs, and to make the project design to achieve the perfect combination of form and function, access to the hotel owners and the management company is highly recognized .